Listing Policy

This Policy’s Effective Date is October 26, 2023.

1. Listing Policy & Website Terms:

This Listing Policy (“Policy”) applies to the websites,, and, as well as all web pages directly connected to under the purview of Top Canadians. This encompasses its branches, subsidiaries, and international partners (collectively referred to as the “Site”). The Site is the sole property of and is managed by Top Canadians Incorporated (“Top Canadians”) and its authorized partners. By engaging with this Site, you expressly agree to this Policy. Should any section of this Policy not align with your views, kindly abstain from using the Site.

2. Prohibited Listings:

Users are prohibited from:

  • Location Restrictions: Listing products or services not located within Canada.
  • Legal Compliance: Listing items illegal in your area of residence.
  • Banned Items: Listing items from our prohibited items and services list.
  • Multiple Listings: Posting duplicate listings across multiple categories.
  • Multiple Emails: Using several different email addresses for listings.
  • Traffic Diversion: Listings primarily aimed at diverting traffic to an external website.
  • Code of Conduct: Any listing that breaches Top Canadians’s Code of Conduct.
  • Irrelevant Keywords: Listings that include unrelated keywords.
  • Language: Listings not in English or French.
  • Inappropriate Content: Listings with adult, erotic, or mature content. Personal advertisements are not permitted.
  • Defamatory or Hate Content: Listings that defame, contain hate speech, or malign any individual/group.
  • Misplaced Content: Posting opinions, notices, and discussions better suited for social media.
  • Incorrect Listings: Misleading listings or those in the wrong category.
  • Breaching Policies: Listings that defy our Posting Policies or Equality Standards.
  • Misrepresentation: Listing as an individual when you are, in fact, a business or professional entity.
  • Exploitative Content: Listings capitalizing on tragedies, public health concerns, or natural disasters.

3. Age Restrictions:

Users must be 18 years or older to independently post ads. Listings for users under this age must be posted by an adult, prioritizing the younger user’s security.

4. Compliance and Actions:

Listings not adhering to Top Canadians policies are subject to removal.

Users infringing upon these policies might be barred from using Top Canadians in subsequent instances.

We reserve the right to remove any ad if we deem it contrary to the community’s well-being or the essence of Top Canadians.

5. General Rule:

Listing, buying, or selling items that are illegal based on your provincial residence, or not in accordance with relevant laws, is prohibited. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their listings align with all applicable regulations.

Remember, when you list on Top Canadians, you not only represent yourself but also the entire community. Let’s work together to ensure a safe, respectful, and efficient platform for everyone!

6. Contact:

For queries, feedback, or insights regarding these terms or our suite of services, please reach out to our support brigade via

By navigating and interacting with, you wholeheartedly assent to these Listing Policy in their entirety. Should any section or entirety of these policies be discordant with your perspective, kindly refrain from using this platform.



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